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Warming brown rice, spinach, walnut, feta with baked tomatoes

This easy, nutritious, warming and flavourful dish will see you powering through your morning just so you can get to lunch and make it! Made quick and easily with SunRice Microwave Brown Rice which is light and fluffy yet wholesome and cooked in 90seconds and then combined with other delicious protein and nutrient dense ingredients...

Lavender shortbread

Scrumptious served with a home made almond shortbread or in a tart, this orange curd with lavender really brings together the beauty of blossoms and citrus in a sun filled orchard! Make the cookies first - you'll find the recipe for my ALMOND COOKIES here...

3rd trimester pregnancy nutrition considerations

Each trimester of pregnancy has varying demands on the body with regard to nutrition. If you're in your third trimester then there are a few things you may like to take into consideration: CALORIE INTAKE: Your body requires an ADDITIONAL 450-500 calories in the third trimester - this is a lot especially at a time when you...

Lockdown 2.0 Lavender Kombucha Spritz

Refreshment central with nutrition to boot. Divine flavours of lavender honey infused into kombucha with raspberries to deliver not only a heavenly mocktail spritz but valuable antioxidants and live cultures to diversify healthy gut microbes too. LAVENDER KOMBUCHA SPRITZ Serves 1 Gluten free : Dairy Free : Vegetarian 2 teaspoons Lavender Honey (see recipe HERE) 330ml Ginger Lemon or Ginger...

Miso corn on the cob

Cooking corn on the cob hack: don't shred the husk away and cover or boil, simply pop the whole corn in its husk to cook in the microwave for 5-6 minutes. SIMPLE! This delight is corn on the cob, miso butter and sprinkle of furikake (japanese seasoning or you can just chop up toasted seaweed too)....

Warm broccolini brussel sprout almond salad

Back with a beautiful warm salad for Winter and some strong play from our Brassica / Cruciferous vegetables - broccolini and brussel sprouts. The brassica family of vegetables are some of the MOST frequently consumed vegetables and no wonder, they're versatile and delicious, choc full of phytochemical nutrients to: reduce the effects of oxidative stress, support...

Vegan raspberry strawberry currant muffins

Nourishing and more-ish vegan / plant based muffins to pop in the oven this week! Why the choice of vegan / plant based with this recipe? Well, we find lots of parents requesting egg free recipes for their toddlers and children to take to day care and school and deliver on your requests is what...

3 delicious ways to a healthier parmigiana

You can create the most delicious eggplant parmigiana without going to too much effort and fewer ingredients. Follow the links below to tap into our favourite ways to parm with plenty of vegetables included as always and get these delicious options on your list for when you're craving parmigiana or need a fun sharing platter...

Lavender and Honey Baked Pears

You may have seen recently I've been food prepping on the weekend and one of my winter go tos has been some baked fruit ready to just heat again for brekky during the week. It feels like a big hug in the morning having warm cooked fruit! I love baked pears and this time I've done...