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(no) Meat Balls

(No) meat, no worries! Iron, in the form of non-haem iron, can be found in plant based foods too so don’t fret if you’re trying to reduce your meat intake in favour of a few more vegetables on your plate. You can absolutely tick all nutrient boxes in macro and micronutrients on a vegetarian or...

Strawberry chia banana crepes

DOUBLE TAP IF YOU’D LOVE SOME OF THESE HEAVENLY CREPES RIGHT NOW?  Ready to make them with moi? They’re filled with a home made strawberry and chia jam and banana but let’s talk the cool facts about some of the other ingredients while we are at it. I’ve included Dairy Farmers A2 Goodness + Prebiotic...

Starting solids with miss Elke

Elke looks like her dadda, but she smashes veggies like her mumma 💪🏻 We started Elke on solids about 2 weeks ago and so far so good! She had avocado to kick things off (her favourite to date 🤤), sweet potato, carrot (mums fave!), broccoli, potato, peas, spinach, quinoa and just a little apple and...

Olive oil choc chip sea salt cookies

A tribute to 3 ingredients in my pantry that I cannot live without!!!! To think though that for YEARS I put all oils in the same category of "fat" (they're all SO DIFFERENT and olive oil in particular has wonderful health benefits) and did my best to minimise eating any of them and well chocolate,...

Plant based skillet lasagne

Absolutely by far the simplest plant based lasagne you’ll make and sooooo delicious and warming for Winter meals. I love love love lasagne but most often it’s quite time consuming to make all the different parts, not this one though, this one will blow your mind!!!! (Well I hope!) It’s also incredibly rich in plant...

Baked zucchini apple oats with crunchy walnut topping

Like crumble for breakfast but with added bonus of protein and vegetables from eggs and zucchini! Make once, reheat each day and eat until Thursday - perfect for a winter brekky to kick start your day. BAKED ZUCCHINI APPLE OATS WITH CRUNCHY WALNUT TOPPING Dairy Free : Vegetarian Serves 4   2 free range eggs 2 cups plant based milk 2 cups...

Learn how to boost energy and metabolism this winter

Hey friends, I've worked with Ceres Life to bring you this special episode on IGTV for how you can boost your energy and immunity this winter. It's a question I'm so often asked during these months so I've popped together some simple tips and ideas for you to consider integrating into your diet. Catch the full...

Choc popcorn slice

To be honest I'm not sure how this one came about - yes there was popcorn in sight but it went from simple popcorn in a bowl to epic popcorn with maple nuts and chocolate and all great things! You don't have to caramelise the nuts you can pop in just raw if you like....