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Baked zucchini apple oats with crunchy walnut topping

Like crumble for breakfast but with added bonus of protein and vegetables from eggs and zucchini! Make once, reheat each day and eat until Thursday - perfect for a winter brekky to kick start your day. BAKED ZUCCHINI APPLE OATS WITH CRUNCHY WALNUT TOPPING Dairy Free : Vegetarian Serves 4   2 free range eggs 2 cups plant based milk 2 cups...

Choc popcorn slice

To be honest I'm not sure how this one came about - yes there was popcorn in sight but it went from simple popcorn in a bowl to epic popcorn with maple nuts and chocolate and all great things! You don't have to caramelise the nuts you can pop in just raw if you like....

Immune boosting vegetable miso buckwheat soup

Soup season is one of my favourites (bar the cold weather that comes with it though - that's the only catch!) because it's incredibly easy to pack so many vegetables and nutrients into a meal without thinking too much about it  - my Immune Boosting Vege Miso Buckwheat Soup is case in point - enjoy...

Garlic chilli herb kamut pasta

Simple but absolutely friggin all levels of delicious!!!! Had the most amazing delivery from @napolifoodwines (not sponsored) who usually supply to restaurants so have it delivered to us was SUCH A TREAT. There was burrata, mozarella, parmigiano, pasta, olive oil, pizza and pasta flour, italian butter, provolone alllll sorts of goodies. So I popped them into an epic...

Gluten free corn fritter tacos

Hello Monday, hello corn fritter taco!!!! New take on a juicy fave, just to mix up your Mexi feasting and making it meat free this Monday too. I simply grabbed a bag of the Macro Organic Frozen Corn Kernels and whipped the fritters together with red onion, capsicum, gluten free flour, milk , eggs and cori. Naturally...

Dukkah haloumi crusted broccoli cauliflower bake

Dukkah haloumi crusted broccoli and cauliflower bake how have we not met before??!?!?!  Dairy Farmers has just launched their new A2 Goodness + Prebiotics Milk, the first in Australia with added prebiotics (galacto-oligosaccharides) to support every day gut health as part of a balanced diet. Naturally I wanted to get it into some scrumptious recipes...

Peri peri baked sweet potato bowl

The beauty of lots of spices in your cupboard is that you can turn something plain - roast sweet potato and salad into something suuuuuper fun and delicious with literally a sprinkle! I've done that here with this juicy number PERI PERI SWEET POT helloooooo loverrrrrr a yummy kidney bean salad, roasted corn and a...

Udon with steamed teriyaki cauliflower and spinach

Needless to say I am tad on the Asian flavour game at the moment. There is something drawing me to my memories of Japan and all the incredible cuisine, so I'm letting it play out creatively in the meals I'm cooking. Think you'll love this dish, it's like a hug in a bowl. Stay tuned...

Pumpkin Spice Donuts with Green Banana Flour

Woolworths challenged me to get creative with their Macro Green Banana Flour, so I've created these delicious PUMPKIN SPICE DONUTS - naturally!!! This flour has a lovely story to it too -  it’s one of the most sustainable flour choices out there, because it utilises the green bananas (hence the name!) that can’t go to market...