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Taking a tour through the leading Kombucha factory / fermentary in the country, Remedy Kombucha, is a pretty insane, yet humbling experience. Insane because just like so many of our businesses and products / services in the health industry, they start on the bench top of our home kitchen or study (not so much in the case of kombucha perhaps) and build themselves out from that tiny space, into something much greater and this is Remedy’s story.

Founders and creators of Remedy, Sarah and Emmet Condon began with the booch in their home kitchen. Brewing the fermented tea on bench top, kids watching over them inquisitively, as they created a series of premium kombucha flavours. It wasn’t long before they understood the importance of scaling their product so it could reach the masses and they could offer people the experience in health that comes with drinking a glass of booch each day.

From there things have grown, massively and in exciting news in the coming weeks and months there’s lots more we’ll see from Remedy. However, with the growth of Remedy they have impeccably maintained the quality and integrity of their kombucha. This quality is maintained by a simple 6 step process personally attended to each and everyday by Remedy Founder, Emmet Condon.

  1. Brew tea. The first ingredient in making kombucha is tea. A combination of green and black tea and, in Remedy’s brew… organic tea only.
  2. Add sugar. Always the ingredient that newbies to booch question. “How is adding sugar to a drink healthy?” The sugar in the case of kombucha is consumed by the bacteria and yeast during the fermentation process and in Remedy’s blend leaves 0 grams sugar per 100ml which is the lowest comparable to other kombucha brands in the market and given the double thumbs up by our friends at I Quit Sugar too. What is the bacteria and yeast you ask? Read on…
  3. Add SCOBY or the Mother Culture. The SCOBY or Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast is the ‘live’ ingredient which kicks the fermentation process into gear. The SCOBY feeds on the sugar, fermenting the tea, leaving live probiotic cultures for us to consume. Note this too. When drinking kombucha we want probiotic strains resulting from fermentation by the mother, which Remedy’s blend contains. This is different to other kombucha manufacturers in the market who add ‘synthetic’ probiotic cultures during production resulting in an extremely different quality product. It pays to read the label when we select our food and drinks always, and in the case of kombucha too, where it might be easy to believe that all kombucha may be created equal. It’s not. Read what you’re drinking always and question it if you’re not sure.
  1. Wait. Nothing like patience to create a premium quality product and this part is vital for the ‘growth’ of all the beautiful nutrition in the Kombucha to feed our guts, immunity and so many other systems in our bodies too. The Remedy process allows 3 weeks for the bacteria and yeast to work their magic before anything else progresses. There’s much we can learn from being patient with our food and drink to nourish our bodies right?
  2. Pump up the flavour. Using organic ingredients Remedy has created 5 unique flavours in their range of kombucha to date. Original, Apple Crisp, Ginger Lemon, Hibiscus Kiss and most recently Raspberry Lemonade – which from experience in our home is a favourite for the kids!
  3. Bottle it and deliver! Simple!

Plenty of people ask how much kombucha we advise you drink in a day and both Remedy and I agree that there is no need for a booch prescription – go with your gut instinct and nourish it accordingly. If you are new to kombucha perhaps you’ll enjoy just a small glassful, a more seasoned drinker of booch might easily consume one of Remedy’s 330ml bottles.

That said, for the newbies, keep an eye out…

Remedy has just released their brand new 250ml cans so you have the option of a smaller quantity too!

Stay tuned in the coming months for more of my work with Remedy Kombucha and some exciting new brews, launches and elixirs for good health coming your way.

+This is a partnered post between Remedy Kombucha and consulting nutritionist, Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline Alwill is a qualified, practicing nutritionist, personal trainer, whole foods cook and most importantly mother to Jet. She is committed to improving the health, wellbeing and happiness of all individuals.

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