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Nutritious foods and recipes to take to mothers post birth

A beautiful friend had her third baby recently and I stuck to tradition of having food delivered to them and then when the time came to visit, taking some goodies which could be stored as well. It’s easy to do so and it means the world.

Try whipping some of these together for your new parent / family / busy new born family visits:

  • Buckwheat seed bread recipe HERE…
  • Almond cookie recipes – there are several on the blog but these are my favourite, recipe HERE…
  • Granola of all varieties, best use the ingredients you have on hand, swapping to match quantities – find a few different recipes HERE
  • Muffins of all sorts! So great to freeze for a one handed breakfast – I love love love having these ready for friends – my golden favourites are Blueberry Oat and Spelt the recipe is HERE
  • Something they can pop in the fridge or freezer that’s home cooked such as my Red Lentil Dhal – find that recipe HERE – and if you can’t do the curry as it won’t sit for the day in the car and you’re visiting later etc then check out some basket bolsters below…


To bolster up the basket grab:

  • Nut butters – I’ve included a nut butter with Collagen from Chief / Beauty Food
  • Jars of mixed nuts
  • A freezer meal – lasagne, curry etc
  • A pot / sachet / vacuum seal type bag of nourishing soup / pasta sauce
  • A couple of litres of milk of their preference if you know it!
  • A loaf of sourdough if you’ve not the time to bake bread
  • Some fresh avocadoes to go on the bread / toast or just eat neat – they’re a great energy dense source of good nutrition for mum and bub


One more thing… families with new babies don’t need long visits, it’s exhausting and babies often pick up on it making them fussy / parents missing sleep cues etc so if you’re planning a basket drop of food:

  • Arrive and leave it on their doorstep without their knowing
  • If the invitation is to visit / meet bub / have a tea, double check on the day that it works; arrive and make the tea instead of letting them make it (or bring them a coffee / decaf / chai on your way instead) and offer to hold bubba whilst they shower or have a minute to themselves
  • Clean up whatever you can for them – this is never an insult, just offer and before the mum/dad says ‘oh no don’t worry’ say to them ‘your answer needs to start with yes please that would be great’ – doing one small thing for them – stacking dish washer / sweeping floor etc is tremendous help


Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline is an Accredited Nutritional Medicine Practitioner specialising in family and early childhood nutrition and gut health. She writes for several media publications, hosts a regular nutrition segment on Channel 7 and in 2016 published her first book, "Seasons to Share" (Murdoch Books). Jacqueline is passionate about working with corporations and brands to support and educate their community and audience and is currently a media spokesperson and ambassador for Remedy Drinks, Eimele Australia, Woolworths, Kitchenaid and Nutrition Director at Bondi Bubs Wholefoods. She is mum to Jet and outside her working hours you'll find her with her family in the surf, on the beach, or out and about in nature.

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