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  • CHOC GINGER COOKIES  Inspiration for this one from my
    2 days ago by brownpapernutrition CHOC GINGER COOKIES : Inspiration for this one from my lovely friend Leo, whom I’ve known for about 25 years – amazing how time passes so quickly! She wandered into our kitchen in Bondi the other week to pick up some food and we were talking about delicious things to cook and I asked her what she might like to snack on and chocolate ginger flavours immediately popped up. I thought of a few ways we could do it, but the stand out for my gorgeous friend who is known for her love of a cuppa, was a yummy yet
  • WINTER HARVEST BOARD Delicious flavours and colours coming together in
    4 days ago by brownpapernutrition WINTER HARVEST BOARD: Delicious flavours and colours coming together in this harvest board. What speaks the loudest though is the delicious fibre, prebiotic and probiotic ingredients in the meal that work within your gut to build beautiful intestinal flora, ready to absorb the nutrition from your food and deliver it to your body. That’s why meals like these are my absolute favourite… I’ve noted the prebiotic and probiotic rich foods on the ingredient list for you. The recipe is now up on the blog -enjoy my friends! Jacq
  • Brown paper packages our favourite! From the catering event menu
    3 days ago by brownpapernutrition Brown paper packages our favourite! From the catering/ event menu  @brownpaperkitchen  : crostata hummus slow roasted tomatoes, rice paper rolls (so many good flavours!) fresh prawns chilli mint cori yoghurt, broccoli feta quinoa Arancini, pumpkin basil frittata - YUM! Book your catering and events via hello @brownpapereats .com  #healthycatering   #sydneyeats 
  • The Split Pea Balls with Broccoli Rice and Zatar Yoghurt
    2 days ago by brownpapernutrition The Split Pea Balls with Broccoli Rice and Za’tar Yoghurt are one of my favourite and drool worthy dishes on our  @brownpapereats  menu. Seriously best combo, wholesome and warming but still light with all the nourishing feel goods!!! We had our twelfth week of deliveries yesterday far out!!!! You can order yours should you wish  @brownpapereats  or
  • We been making the most delish Coconut Granola for years
    4 days ago by brownpapernutrition We been making the most delish Coconut Granola for years and sending it out on our catering events only to have people ask where they can buy it for home ...well it’s now on our  @brownpapereats  menu friends! Hit the KITCHEN STAPLES to find it and allllllll the other delicious extras to top up your healthy pantry too. So many great meals on there, feel super proud of how far we’ve come in a few months since launch and even more excited for the week ahead! Dream big and those dreams come true!  #mealdelivery   #fooddelivery   #sydneyeats   #granola 


It’s fairly common these days for kids to not know where their food comes from, particularly so if they’re eating from packets. In kids nutrition workshops I’ve run in the past we’ve created fun stories around the fruits and vegetables we eat and talk about where they grow or how they are made. As a parent we can have an impact on that everyday by making the choice for our family in the food we put on the table and then when the season and time roles around we can embark on a little adventure and really experience the story of ‘where does food come from’ with our children, or to be honest just for ourselves, with a spot of fruit picking.

We’ve visited a few fruit picking farms in the past few years so I thought best to share the love so you can go for a day trip or a weekend adventure and enjoy the experience for yourselves too.


Our most recent fruit picking fun and one which is prime for the season was cherries at the Roth Family Orchard in Mudgee. Whilst this is slightly further out of Sydney and not really day trip status, Mudgee makes for a great weekender for families and couples. There are actually plenty more cherry farms with ‘pick your own’ options signed with paint on a big piece of wood on the side of the road so keep your eye out, but Roth’s was the divine orchard we attended. Cherries were AMAZING.


More of a late summer/ autumn adventure but close enough to Sydney to make it there and back in half a day or so is Schofields Orchard in North Richmond (just near Windsor). The oranges are INSANELY juicy and delicious and if you take a pocket knife you can feast on a couple straight from the tree as you pick. Up the back of the orchard is the factory where they wax and juice oranges too – it’s worth a look as it’s quite educational to see what processing the fruit goes through before it hits our grocers. We’ve been a few time to this orchard and it’s always a cracking day out – pack a picnic too.


Our family – meaning the ENTIRE family cousins, aunts, uncles, grandies (a feat in itself – much like a travelling circus) ventured out to Bilpin when the kids were really little and (sound like a broken record here) we’ve been back multiple times since during apple season, which is generally much earlier than we think. Below were Easter school holidays so April May timing which is when the apples are at their prime for the picking.

There is something very Garden of Eden like picking apples from a tree, and we hands down always return with a ridiculous number of apples which become gifts to our neighbours, apple pie, apple crumble, apple chips, stewed apple, baked cinnamon apple, apple granola you name it. We’ve tried a few orchards up in Bilpin now the most recent was Pinecrest Orchard.

As I write this I read that Pinecrest will also have peaches and plums available to pick in January 2018 – diarise!

Finally, the adventures we have popped in a small note as our love of fruit picking continues into the upcoming holiday are berries, strawberries and tomatoes. If anyone has been recently I’d love to know more but our plans are for the following:

Ricardoes Tomatoes and Strawberries during our road trip north

Clyde River Berry Farm on the south coast 

Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline Alwill, is an accredited nutritionist, author, founder of Brown Paper Nutrition and recently launched vegetarian meal delivery service Brown Paper Eats She is passionately committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and families. Jacqueline is mum to her 8 year old boy - Jet.

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