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    4 hours ago by brownpapernutrition Australia set the bar high at the Climate Strike today and it's now time for the rest of the world and the leaders to take action and follow! If we don't NOW, our children and the future of theirs won't have the beauty of what have been privileged to know on this Earth. This is a pivotal time for us to action CHANGE. Sending love, J xo
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    5 days ago by brownpapernutrition One of my simpler cheese platters for an impromptu family wedding the other day Evidently loving strawberries right now, my little crumpet is stealing all essential nutrients from me right now, and my body is craaaaavingggggg the top up, in particular vitamin C and iron, which goes well because C supports absorption of iron too!!!! And while I am on topic make sure you grab your POST NATAL NUTRITION WORKSHOP tickets this week!!!! It’s on Tuesday 24 September 930am and set to be another FANTASTIC event.  @wholefoodhealing  and I will take you through all the important nutrition for healing during


GF :  SF

Serves 2


2 salmon fillets, approx 150g each

1 tablespoon grapeseed or coconut oil (melted)

large handful mixed herbs such as coriander, basil and parsley, finely chopped


1/2 head cauliflower

3/4 cup FIVEAM Organics Greek Yoghurt

pinch dried chilli flakes

good pinch salt


Rub salmon fillets with oil and herbs, until evenly coated, cover and set aside to marinate.

Steam cauliflower approximately 15 minutes, until soft.

Place cauliflower in food processor or use a stick blender in the saucepan, add yoghurt, chilli flakes and salt and blitz until smooth and creamy. Cover and set aside.

Heat fry pan on medium heat on stove, add a small drop of oil, then place salmon skin down and cook for 8-10 minutes.

Allow to rest a few minutes before slicing lengthways to show the beautiful contrast of pink salmon with herb crust.

Divide cauliflower puree evenly between two plates, top with salmon and serve with a side of leafy greens or steamed vegetables.





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