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We’re big fans of kicking the week of nutrition into gear on a Sunday with a few little prep items here and there.. This week it’s looking pretty colourful and drawing on any and all the leftovers in the fridge to make room for fresh inspiration.

This week’s SORTED also supremely SIMPLE…

CHOC PEANUT PUFF SLICE with coconut, almond milk, sultanas and apricots. Organic turkish apricots are so delish, but due to the nature of the fruit and lack of added preservatives they can start to ferment and smell quite alcoholic if you don’t use them, so we are throwing them into our slice to make sure there is no waster on our pantry shelves

Estimate quantities for the CHOC PEANUT PUFF SLICE (or something of that nature) just pop into food processor, blitz and press into a mini loaf tin, square cake tin or roll into balls and freeze until set.

  • 1 cup rice puffs
  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter
  • 2tbsp raw cacao
  • 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup organic turkish dried apricots
  • 1/2 cup organic sultanas
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • bit of almond milk to help it move around the food processor


This week rocking with pure green, carrot chamomile and carob banana. Carob for a couple of reasons, 1) there’s a big jar of it that needs using up and 2) am finding cacao in smoothies in morning is making too jittery to start the day. Whilst cacao doesn’t contain caffeine it does have theobromine which is a stimulant, carob on the other hand doesn’t but still offers that delish flavour.

Green smoothie combo: lemon water, cucumber, Super Elixir Greens Powder, coriander and lettuce. It’s a snack smoothie rather than a brekky smoothie.

Carob smoothie combo: water, carob powder, tablespoon oats, teaspoon chia seeds, 1/2 banana, teaspoon maca powder (I’m not going on maca every day, but feel at present my endocrine system is calling for the boost and maca is great for that) Super Elixir Protein and magnesium powder. Magnesium, because people always ask – I use a practitioner only brand –  Metagenics.

Carrot Chamomile combo: to make use of the second pot brew of chamomile tea I have in the evening, but can’t bare to throw the flowers away after one brew so I usually brew a second pot and have the tea in my smoothie the next day. This combo was with carrot, chamomile tea and orange.

SWEET POTATO CHIPS : they’re more token for the pics and won’t last long – we’re snacking on them now instead. Toss in coconut or olive oil and bake at 200C for 20 minutes.

SEED SNAPS: My absolute faves and such a great one to have as a snack if you’re in need of nut free, wholesome options throughout the week. This recipe is from my book Seasons to Share and when stored in airtight container last about 2 weeks.

ACTIVATED SEED AND VEGETABLE BREAD: Sifting through my library of cook books (still a favourite past time even though my life is food and nutrition I will never tire of it. Popped the recipe up on the blog here for you.

CARROT AND TOMATO SOUP: Another recipe from Seasons to Share – super simple, balance in taste on point and such an easy soup to put together with a bag of carrots, good stock (more on stock and broth this week on the blog) and a tin of tomatoes. Legit one my faves in soup land. 

Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline is an Accredited Nutritional Medicine Practitioner specialising in family and early childhood nutrition and gut health. She writes for several media publications, hosts a regular nutrition segment on Channel 7 and in 2016 published her first book, "Seasons to Share" (Murdoch Books). Jacqueline is passionate about working with corporations and brands to support and educate their community and audience and is currently a media spokesperson and ambassador for Remedy Drinks, Eimele Australia, Woolworths, Kitchenaid and Nutrition Director at Bondi Bubs Wholefoods. She is mum to Jet and outside her working hours you'll find her with her family in the surf, on the beach, or out and about in nature.

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