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Experiencing new foods and finding your healthy foodie favourites whilst on holiday is all part of the epic experience that comes with travelling. We roamed Queenstown, New Zealand for just under a week and these 5 food spots made it to the top of our hot list:

BESPOKE KITCHEN At the base of the Gondola lies this epic foodie extravaganza with a generous serve of healthy options on the menu and a delicious selection of both raw vegan and slightly more indulgent treats at the counter. With queues out the door, and a bustling cafe from open til close, this kitchen is a must.

Inside Bespoke Kitchen and (above featured image) the agria, cauliflower and turmeric hash, fried eggs, chilli mango chutney, spinach aioli, papadum crumb and ora king salmon. #yespleaseNZ LSLR - 1 (4)

+ Treats counter to make anyone drool NZ LSLR - 1 (5)

+ Lemon meringue pie. Because holidays. NZ LSLR - 1 (6)


GLENORCHY CAFE Approximately 1 hour out of Queenstown, Glenorchy is a quiet little town surrounded by stunning country side (Hobbit Country as it is known). There are only a few offerings in the town, but those at the Glenorchy Cafe were the tastiest and most satisfying hungry tummies post horse riding in Paradise… (Read more on Queenstown Adventures and horse riding like none other you’ve experienced)

Haloumi, sourdough, avo, mushrooms, greens and poached egg nz-lslr-1-18

BELLA CUCINA had a team that were the most accomodating and delightful introduction to Queenstown. Having arrived late and escalated 2 hours ahead of Sydney time we found ourselves at 10pm on a dinner hunt and the kindness of the crew at Bella Cucina made us feel so welcome. Whilst all the dishes on their Italian menu looked sensational we shared a light evening meal of prawn risotto and insalata caprese. Delish. NZ LSLR - 1 (4)NZ LSLR - 1 (5)

HABEBES tucked down a small arcade of Queenstown town centre was the top pick for the veggie hit you need to keep yourself healthy / sane when travelling. Habebes offer a selection of 6-8 different salads – tabouleh, cabbage, carrot, beetroot, brown rice, green bean, tomato etc – with a choice of pulled lamb or felafel and dressings to give things even more of a kick (garlic tahini, yoghurt mint dressing, hot or mild chilli and it goes on…). Choose your plate size or wrap and you’re good to go. Their sweet selection including the Choc Addicts Delight was beyond yumminess. NZ LSLR - 1 (7)NZ LSLR - 1 (5)NZ LSLR - 1 (6)NZ LSLR - 1 (9)

AMISFIELD CELLAR DOOR set within the beautiful surrounds of the Amisfield Vineyard cannot be missed if you have any sort of love for incredible (read award winning) wines. One of the greatest vineyards in the region Amisfield Bistro is open for lunch and dinner, whilst their cellar door offers a selection of local cheese and salumi boards to taste on whilst you sit back and drink liquid gold. There’s a patonk square for those who love a little game to accompany their glass, with stunning Queenstown alpine views in the background.

NZ LSLR - 1 (12)NZ LSLR - 1 (9)NZ LSLR - 1 (10)NZ LSLR - 1 (11)

And finally, to add one extra to our top 5…don’t miss out on #damgoodfruit STALLS BY GLENVALE ORCHARDS speckled about Queenstown, on the side of the road and within Arrowtown for the most sumptuous, heavenly, intensely flavoured stone fruit, cherries and raspberries you will ever eat. They’re the perfect little pick me up for road tripping or when in need of a light snack whilst adventuring on nature walks in stunning Queenstown region.


Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline Alwill is a qualified, practicing nutritionist, personal trainer, whole foods cook and most importantly mother to Jet. She is committed to improving the health, wellbeing and happiness of all individuals.

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