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Stove top baked eggs with labneh

One of the most wholesome meals you can get your hands on, taking no time to prep and mountains of satisfaction for whatever the time of day you decide to enjoy this one. Labneh delivers a delicious component to baked eggs whilst also adding valuable calcium to the meal. If you'd like to learn how to...

A month of many firsts with our baby

It’s been a month of firsts for this little chook. 👶 First two teeth popping through #ouccchhhh def earlier than Jet, bebes so different!!!! First solid foods. Loooooves them. Avo followed by carrot are the hot faves. First sleep through the night - of course I woke every hour worried and checking she was still alive. Standard for mums!!!! First time...

How to make healthy coffee truffles

A recipe for my coffee lovers out there!!!! Made with delish wholefood plant based ingredients and boosted with pea and brown rice protein from @eimele_australia Vanilla Shake too. You can roll or leave as a slice as you wish/can be bothered haha! Friends as I am on the expert panel for Eimele you will be learning and...

Warming delicious green soup

This is my current go-to green soup, I'm loving this and the Carrot Cauliflower Chickpea I popped in my weekly meal plan (on the blog) this week. Popping this recipe below though so you can make too - enjoy! Saute the whites of 2 leeks (roughly chopped) with 2 cloves peeled and chopped garlic with about...

Plant based goan curry

It may seem we eat a lot of curry and you wouldn't be foolish to think that based on the frequency of my curry lovin posts. We do! It is one of my favourite dishes to cook and the number of different cultures which include curry in their traditional cuisine is so vast that I always feel...

My weekly meal plan with recipes

Haven't shared a weekly meal plan for a while but given it's something I do with our dinners on the weekend to get things sorted I thought I would share and also give a loose idea on the snacks and breakfasts I'll be eating too. Hope this helps you! I'll pop all the recipe links...

(no) Meat Balls

(No) meat, no worries! Iron, in the form of non-haem iron, can be found in plant based foods too so don’t fret if you’re trying to reduce your meat intake in favour of a few more vegetables on your plate. You can absolutely tick all nutrient boxes in macro and micronutrients on a vegetarian or...

Strawberry chia banana crepes

DOUBLE TAP IF YOU’D LOVE SOME OF THESE HEAVENLY CREPES RIGHT NOW?  Ready to make them with moi? They’re filled with a home made strawberry and chia jam and banana but let’s talk the cool facts about some of the other ingredients while we are at it. I’ve included Dairy Farmers A2 Goodness + Prebiotic...