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Baked zucchini chickpea tomato and spiced nuts

Had some imperfect zucchini from our order last week and felt inspired to whip up something yum for lunch today - this was it! Stoked on the result. Love seeing all these veggies and flavours in one dish. I added a few felafel as well when I ate it, think it would be deeeeeelicious with...

Vegan Raspberry Almond Orange Bread

You'll love this recipe for Raspberry Almond Orange Bread. It's really wholesome, full of flavour and a great recipe for those who need egg free options in baking whether for children with allergies, following a plant focused diet or just want to learn and try something new. VEGAN RASPBERRY ALMOND ORANGE BREAD Makes 1 loaf to...

A simple guide for parents of reflux babies

Gastro-oesophageal reflux is when the contents of the stomach, regurgitate back into the mouth. In infants, the valve at the top of the stomach can be loose, allowing stomach contents to travel back up the oesophagus. Some babies will vomit, others will swallow the milk / food back down. The valve becomes stronger with age and reflux subsides. FOOD...

Sweet spice carrot loaf with maple peanut frosting

If you're looking for your next delicious loaf to bake and serve to friends or maybe drop on a new family's doorstep then this is it. It's wholesomely tasty, full of flavoursome spice and the maple peanut combination is most definitely the icing on the cake!   SWEET SPICE CARROT LOAF WITH MAPLE PEANUT FROSTING Gluten free...

Salmon taco bowl

Always a crowd pleaser!!! Whilst we often have burritos or full tacos, the taco bowl is my fun favourite with friends for something a little different but it’s also a very convenient winner when you feel like Mexican for one too! SALMON TACO BOWL Serves 4 Gluten free : Dairy Free Spice rub for fish: 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1...

Dhal with roasted cauliflower

A hug to your tummy on the days when you’re feeling a little lower in energy and in need of a nutritious meal to pick you up. My roasted cauliflower lentil dhal is truly comfort food with minimal effort. ROASTED CAULIFLOWER LENTIL DHAL Gluten free : Dairy Free : Nut Free : Vegan Serves 4 ROAST CAULIFLOWER: 1...

5 swaps for a gut loving breakfast

Breakfast is a meal that can fire us up and fuel us well for the day or absolutely sink us. I know lots of people go for fire but may not yet understand how and where we can make simple swaps to inject quality nutrients into breakfast so I’m here to give you a few...

Carrot pasta with chilli walnuts and garlic

Loaded with fibre and delicious betacarotene from carrots, plus plenty of flavour from garlic, chilli, nuts, rocket and anchovies. If anchovies aren’t your thing no problem just omit then and add in some nutritional yeast or parmesan but honestly you can't taste them at all!!! Whipped this delicious recipe up whilst staying at The Greenhouse...

Crispy butterbeans on zucchini babaganoush

MAKE THIS STAT FRIENDS! You could pop on hummus with yog (dairy or plant your choice) too and serve it all up with some flat bread or bitter greens salad - rocket radicchio etc - bitter flavours great for liver. Save and eat the next day too - which SAVED ME come lunch time when...