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Gluten free delicious sweet potato bread

I believe food should always be a celebration. A celebration of flavour, colour, abundance, texture, ingredients and nutrition. When we celebrate our food as more than just ‘fuel’, we become more conscious and engaged in the way we eat and, as a result, our bodies absorb and reap the benefits of the nutrition in the...

Ricotta with eggplant olives and tomato

I’m yet to find a way that eggplant doesn’t impress me - it is such a wonderfully ‘meaty’ vegetable without of course the meat component. For me this makes it a wholesome vegetarian starter particularly when teamed with the scrumptious flavours of tomato, basil and pistachios and the creaminess of ricotta. RICOTTA WITH EGGPLANT OLIVES AND...

Honey thyme haloumi with broccolini and lime

Haloumi is a DIVINE side dish of itself but the addition of broccolini and lime supports the breakdown of the cheese in the digestive system and introduces gut loving fibre to a cheese focussed side. There’s always a way to make the more indulgent meals healthy and this ones hits the mark!   Gluten free : Vegetarian Serves...

Udon with roast pumpkin, spinach, tofu and zucchini

The weather turned from summer to winter literally overnight here in Sydney which called for udon and veggies for dins - one of my favourite winter meals. Quick, satisfying, wholesome, warming, abundance of beautiful nutrients. I made the broth from my recipe HERE minus the mushrooms for this one. The mushrooms are truly delicious, add valuable...

Smoked trout, miso sweet corn and Japanese inspired greens

Sweet corn is rich in fibre and a delicious means of adding valuable carbohydrate to a meal teamed with protein and healthy fats. In this recipe I’ve made wholesome sweet corn into a heavenly miso flavoured puree to match with smoked trout and sautéed spinach. The alternative is some baked cauliflower with legumes such as...

Healthy easter recipes for an envious Easter Bunny

Happening!!!! The most scrumptious of all time Easter recipes I think I’ve created - EVER. 3 ABSOLUTE FLAVOUR BOMBS await you in the recipes below AND they’re Easter treats without a bucket of sugar to match - Carrot Chocolate aka Easter Bunny Cookies, Kombucha Berry Jam deeeeelicious and a great option for those who aren’t...

Home made berry and coconut jellies

A delicious snack as is but a great one to throw into a rocky road in place of sugary marshmallows too! There are lots of gummy / jelly recipes on the blog HERE, and today is another beauty to pop in the mix. BERRY COCONUT JELLIES  1 cup mixed frozen raspberries and strawberries 1/4 cup coconut milk or...

3 gut loving smoothie bowls to kick off your day

In each bowl there’s a rich source of probiotics from Activia Probiotic Rich, no added sugar yoghurt, vitamins, minerals + phytochemicals from fruits, seeds, nuts, #hiddenveggies + beautiful spices too. Brekkies/brunches like these kick my day off right, support digestive balance + comfort + most definitely keep me well + truly energised. Join me on...

Toasty chickpea, seed, roast pumpkin bowl with herb yoghurt

This bowl literally saved me worrying about what to eat for work day lunches for days! All ingredients can be prepped in advance and stored, then quickly popped into a bowl ready for your body to refuel and replenish with a beautiful balance of nutrients. Toasty chickpeas and seeds can be done in many different ways...