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Pinapple coconut banana pancake

A crepe you could eat any day of the week and never tire of. Wonderfully balanced incorporating protein from eggs, carbohydrate from fruits and fats from nuts and yoghurt. PROTEIN RICH BANANA COCONUT PINEAPPLE CREPE Gluten free : Dairy Free : Vegetarian Serves 1 1 small ripe banana 2 free range eggs 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup pineapple pieces 1 teaspoon coconut...

Festive Berry Ice Cream Cake

A cracker of a festive cake without too much fuss and a recipe that welcomes swaps to suit any dietary requirements. Dairy free ice cream for dairy, gluten free or plain shortbread for ginger biscuits, coconut oil for butter and fresh summer fruits such as mango, and pineapple in place of berries if you so...

Mexican spiced rice paper rolls

Taking your Mexican Burrito to Vietnam for some fusion with this recipe! A fun combo of traditional and new ingredients and flavours all wrapped up and dipped in guacamole. Serve with a sparkling cold glass of kombucha for maximum enjoyment! MEXICAN SPICED RICE PAPER ROLLS Makes 6 rolls, to serve 2 Gluten free : Dairy Free : Vegan 150g...

Asian inspired mushroom spinach risotto

Trust me when I say that an Asian Risotto is one of the best comfort foods you can sink your teeth into. The creaminess of arborio rice works beautifully with mushrooms in traditional risottos but here I’ve used mushrooms with more asian flavours with walnuts and a scrumptious miso butter to top it in place...

Carrot pasta with chilli walnuts and garlic

Loaded with fibre and delicious betacarotene from carrots, plus plenty of flavour from garlic, chilli, nuts, rocket and anchovies. If anchovies aren’t your thing no problem just omit then and add in some nutritional yeast or parmesan but honestly you can't taste them at all!!! Whipped this delicious recipe up whilst staying at The Greenhouse...

Green cous cous salad

Let's have a bit of food nostalgia fun and talk about time warp foods for just a moment. I'd say my top go tos which take me back are : cheese and gherkins, lemon poppyseed cake, and cous cous. They were all HOT trending foods throughout the 70's to 90's and I still love em....

Miso glazed sweet potato with japanese greens

A life without miso just isn't a life I'm prepared to live! So with that another cracker of a recipe with Miso Glazed Sweet Potato and Japanese Greens. Made this whilst at Greenhouse Retreat this week and it went down just as beautifully as the first time I created it - so much joy!   MISO GLAZED SWEET...

Fruit and vege red velvet cupcakes with cacao avo frosting

If you’re fan of cupcakes then you’ll absolutely LOVE my fun take on red velvets with a delish twist to finish too! I’ve made these gluten free with yummy buckwheat flour, pumped some beautiful red colour in with beetroot, iced with the most healthfully decadent cacao avocado frosting and the cherry on top are the...

Italian vegetarian sausage rolls

There's a weekend of footy finals ahead but to be honest I don't really need that as a reason for sausage rolls. I love them because I love them and I enjoy them every now and then with no excuses or guilt either. If you love something, don't strip it from your diet for good,...