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Teriyaki vegetable one pan tray bake

Leaning toward Asian tonight? Look no further than this super simple yet super charged Teriyaki Vegetable Tray Bake to hit your daily veg intake. You can swap out vegetables for any that are on hand if you need, just be sure to get the juicy home made teriyaki sauce on at the end to give...

Banana protein bread with toasted coconut lemon and macadamia

Simplifying baking whilst still packing epic nutrition and deliciousness into our lives with this yummy Banana Protein Bread with Coconut Lemon and Macadamias mmmmmmmmmm…. I’ve used a beautiful banana bread packet mix by Mt Elephant for this beauty and pimped it up with lemon, flaked coconut and macadamias. It’s rare that I find packet mixes I...

Antioxidant rich tomato sweet potato soup

Two of my favourite go to soup ingredients feature in this recipe. They’re both rich in flavour and plenty of beautiful antioxidants to boost your body and protect it from the effects of stress. Ready in under 30 minutes - go! RECIPE: TOMATO SWEET POTATO SOUP Serves 4 Gluten free : Dairy Free : Vegan 500g sweet potato, peeled...

Gluten free lemon and poppyseed cake

Lemon poppyseed cake brings back a lot of wonderful memories of cake and coffees with my mum as a little girl so it’s a treat to remake an old favourite with nourishing, gluten free ingredients. This recipe is deliciously zesty and delightful served warm with good company. GLUTEN FREE LEMON POPPYSEED CAKE Serves 8 Gluten Free :...

Dhal with roasted cauliflower

A hug to your tummy on the days when you’re feeling a little lower in energy and in need of a nutritious meal to pick you up. My roasted cauliflower lentil dhal is truly comfort food with minimal effort. ROASTED CAULIFLOWER LENTIL DHAL Gluten free : Dairy Free : Nut Free : Vegan Serves 4 ROAST CAULIFLOWER: 1...

3 ways to include more hemp in your diet

Hemp are a tiny seed with a lovely mild, slightly nutty flavour. They're rich in plant based amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which support energy production, reduce inflammation, support brain development, function and cell membrane structure in the human body, and can support cardiovascular health by...

Almond buckwheat pancakes with baked vanilla citrus berries

I have the most insane brekky for you guys - ALMOND BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES @mt_elephant with VANILLA CITRUS BERRIES AND MAPLE COTTAGE CHEESE. Ooooooof!!!! Are you ready? The Almond Buckwheat Pancakes are cleverly made v v convenient and nourishing by my friends @mt_elephant with buckwheat, almond, hemp protein, tapioca, vanilla, maca and lucuma in a stir...

Gooey fudgey plant based black bean brownies

Black bean brownies on repeat this winter! A truly fab gooey, fudgey, wholesome and fibre rich alternative to the norm with nut free options too. If you don't have almond meal or chickpea flour feel free to use oats or a spelt flour instead.   GOOEY FUDGEY PLANT BASED BLACK BEAN BROWNIES Gluten free : Dairy Free :...