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How to make Vitamin C rich Strawberry Grapefruit Almond Bites

New IGTV UP folks!!!!  I’ve partnered with Melrose Health to show you all my super delicious STRAWBERRY GRAPEFRUIT ALMOND BITES which are chockers with immune boosting ingredients to set you up for the winter ahead of us! Vitamin C from strawberries, grapefruit, mandarin and an extra kicker of  Immune powder with Vitamin C, zinc rich almonds...

IGTV How to make Indian Spice Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

Using leftover veggies, a handful of herbs and wholesome binders like seeds, oats and eggs to create these beauties. I'm no pastry chef as you'll soon see, but I do love a cheeky vegetarian sausage roll and I think you'll love these too. You can try different spice blends of course too - Mexican, Moroccan,...

Kicking off food, nutrition and health videos on IGTV!

Remembering the importance of 'creating freely' and without worry of perfect or imperfect and launching into IGTV this past fortnight. Actually has been SO. MUCH. FUN. Starting off small with some simple but super scrumptious recipes which are my go tos when I want to pimp up a meal or week with food, but don't...