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3 epic protein charged snacks

Which protein rich snack is your favourite - 1, 2 or 3? 1. Raspberry orange bowl 2.  Mini veggie frittata loaf 3. Banana cinnamon cottage cheese split They’re all quick and easy to create within minutes and will satisfy any hungry tummy. I’ve made each with the protein rich, low fat addition of @bullafamilydairy cottage cheese to ensure you’re not...

How to meet your daily fibre requirements

Most associate fibre with the bulk or roughage to help us 💩 but fibre is so much more than that. I’m going to keep this explanation simple and solution based because I like to help people lay foundations for their health and I know many struggle to do this with their diet and nutrition. There are two...

Collagen boosting orange almond muffins with strawberry chia jam

My tired face and snack snackity needs at the moment make these scrumptious Orange and Almond Muffins boosted with collagen the ultimate snack/breakfast recipe go to. They’re rich in essential fats from almonds, plus plenty of protein from eggs and enriched with @healthycareau Beauty Collagen Powder which contains high quality, active ingredients Verisol Bioactive Collagen...

What does a serving of fruit or vegetables actually look like?

This statistic is pretty alarming. 5% just 5% of Australian adults achieving the minimum recommendation for fruits and vegetables in a day! (Source: Australian Bureau Statistics, 2017-2018) Whilst it's safe to assume discretionary foods are replacing the humble fruit and veg, I think the most important aspect of this stat is looking at how we can...

3rd trimester pregnancy nutrition considerations

Each trimester of pregnancy has varying demands on the body with regard to nutrition. If you're in your third trimester then there are a few things you may like to take into consideration: CALORIE INTAKE: Your body requires an ADDITIONAL 450-500 calories in the third trimester - this is a lot especially at a time when you...

Keeping your toddler adequately hydrated

As many parents transition their toddlers from breast milk or formula to solids, I'm often asked how much water or other liquids toddlers should be consuming. Water is an essential nutrient for human health serving as a mode of transport in the body, it's vital for major metabolic reactions, acts as a solvent and is...

Energising, brain fuelling hemp chia almond bars

JIf you’re looking for some simple ways to boost your memory, focus and brain health then my friends I’ve a few simple tips for you. Whip together the most scrumptious HEMP CHIA ALMOND BARS in minutes - which combine hemp, chia, almonds and walnuts full of Omega 3 rich essential fatty acids - you'll find this...

Proud to be an Australian Ambassador for Sunrice

I'm proud to announce that this year I've joined forces with Sunrice as one of their Australia Ambassadors. Rice is a food that I absolutely love as you would all know and Sunrice is a brand that's been in mine and my family's life FOREVER! You'll be receiving lots of juicy education on the nutrition...

Building a healthy lunchbox

Build a healthy vego lunchbox… brought to you by a true lover of a good lunchbox!! With a vego lunchbox aim for as much  diversity in your foods / ingredients as you can sneak in there, that way you know you’re achieving a variety of nutrients in your lunch and snacks and not bored by...