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Collagen boosting rocky road

Quite possibly the most skin loving rocky road you’ll lay your eyes and mitts on this Easter and beyond. I’ve swapped marshmallows for home made berry and coconut jellies and boosted the chocolate with @healthycareau BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN POWDER to help support collagen formation in your skin, and to strengthen hair and nails. TRULY a heavenly combination...

5 swaps for a gut loving breakfast

Breakfast is a meal that can fire us up and fuel us well for the day or absolutely sink us. I know lots of people go for fire but may not yet understand how and where we can make simple swaps to inject quality nutrients into breakfast so I’m here to give you a few...

Cajun Salmon Roast Brussel Sprouts and good mood food

It's International Happiness Day this coming Thursday 18 March so I thought popping a little reminder of your foods to boost your feel good hormones and relax your nervous system would be good timing! You can't do everything with food of course, we all know mental health is such an intricate combination of multiple factors combined...

Plant based swaps for meat

A number of food movements have drawn attention over the past few years, but plant based eating continues to rise and shake our thinking about food, nutrition and planetary health. As more people transition from traditional meat oriented meals to plant based, the question of what and how to swap meats for plants whilst still...