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Plant based swaps for meat

A number of food movements have drawn attention over the past few years, but plant based eating continues to rise and shake our thinking about food, nutrition and planetary health. As more people transition from traditional meat oriented meals to plant based, the question of what and how to swap meats for plants whilst still...

My weekly meal plan with recipes

Haven't shared a weekly meal plan for a while but given it's something I do with our dinners on the weekend to get things sorted I thought I would share and also give a loose idea on the snacks and breakfasts I'll be eating too. Hope this helps you! I'll pop all the recipe links...

Sandwich free school lunchbox ideas

Trialling something this week for the school lunchbox which is not having a sandwich for a week and focussing on other interesting food options in place. If you're stuck, bored or wondering what to do instead of sandwiches give these options a try: MONDAY: leftover schnitzel - both chicken and cauliflower - with a green salad...

Iron for mums and bubs

Have you caught Elke and my new IGTV on Iron for Mums and Bubs? We're jumping in when we can to help anyone on their journey through fertility and motherhood with nourishing ideas. SEE THE FULL IGTV HERE...

Broccoli zucchini bread

So I’m back on my #hiddenveggie mission and making some simple swaps to sneak more of them into our meals. There are 2 different veg in the bread and then another 3 for the toppers - so that’s a pretty awesome result for plant based diversity in one sandwich I think! Swapping my regular sourdough bread for...