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BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE and adding vegetables to smoothies

Thick and creamy and so yum my kids keep pinching it! You’ll see I add vegetables to my smoothies whenever possible, even if it’s just a floret of frozen cauliflower or a 4cm piece of frozen zucchini or a handful of spinach. Whilst this may not seem like much remember that small extras like this...

5 simple ways to reduce food waste in your home

A #nofoodwaste bowl for dinner to close the week / fridge drawer of fresh goods before the next fresh delivery arrives to kick off the week. There’s corn, baby spinach, leftover herbs, tomato with some hemp seeds on top (plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids for growing baby’s brain), sauerkraut, and the mushy deliciousness is...

Plant based swaps for meat

A number of food movements have drawn attention over the past few years, but plant based eating continues to rise and shake our thinking about food, nutrition and planetary health. As more people transition from traditional meat oriented meals to plant based, the question of what and how to swap meats for plants whilst still...

Banoffee smoothie with Dairy Farmers A2 Goodness

We’re big smoothie fans in our house and always looking for ways to make them more fun – enter the BANOFFEE PIE SMOOTHIE! This recipe is an absolute ripper… It’s wholesome, fuelled with plenty of beautiful ingredients, and utterly delicious. I’ve used NEW Dairy Farmers A2 Goodness + Prebiotic Milk for a more traditional smoothie...

How to cook miso glazed salmon with quinoa broccolini and avocado

Latest cooking IGTV is now up folks! One of my signature dishes (even though I feel sure signature dish means just perhaps ‘one’ – oh well!) – Miso Glazed Salmon, quinoa, broccolini and avocado. Watch how to make it HERE and save this recipe below! MISO GLAZED SALMON WITH QUINOA BROCCOLINI AND AVOCADO Serves 1...

Immune boosting vegetable miso buckwheat soup

Soup season is one of my favourites (bar the cold weather that comes with it though – that’s the only catch!) because it’s incredibly easy to pack so many vegetables and nutrients into a meal without thinking too much about it  – my Immune Boosting Vege Miso Buckwheat Soup is case in point – enjoy...

Broccoli zucchini bread

So I’m back on my #hiddenveggie mission and making some simple swaps to sneak more of them into our meals. There are 2 different veg in the bread and then another 3 for the toppers – so that’s a pretty awesome result for plant based diversity in one sandwich I think! Swapping my regular sourdough bread for...

Quinoa pilaf with turmeric eggplant and harissa yoghurt

Whilst we’re all spending more time at home, I thought I might use the opportunity when I can to take you through some of the deliciously different ways we can use the grains / pseudo grains / nuts / seeds and other pantry items. I know I’ve a stack I want to play with so...

Plant based iced coffee smoothie

Been making this smoothie a lot for my beautiful man recently – he’s in fitness and is up most mornings at 430 or earlier to get out the door and meet his first group for training in the park. This one is particularly great for the days he’s not in the mood for eating toast...