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Relationship status: peanut butter by the spoon… Yours? Well, if it’s the same then these cookies are a must in your baking this week. Beyond delicious. Make sure you share the cookie jar! PEANUT BUTTER CHOC CHUNK COOKIES Makes 20 cookies DF : VEGETARIAN 1 egg ¼ (60g) cup coconut oil ½ cup peanut butter...


Jet and I were thinking Easter food, as you do pre-Easter of course, and how to make small presents for people and these lovely HOT CROSS COOKIES came about. They’re super easy, only a few tweaks on a traditional cookie recipe but hold super well and look much like a Hot Cross Bun! Also a...


Made these PEANUT BUTTER AND JAM COOKIES the other week as part of my mumma mission to make some more cookies each week for the fam. Kinda love the tradition of having home baked cookies as a small treat, reminds me of being a kid alllll over again. The wonderful thing about these cookies is that...


It’s like it’s the week of little round shapes on the blog – lol, but these CHOC PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES are so worth it. You will love them! We used peanut butter (ooooh yeaaaa), egg (you can use a flax or chia egg though), buckwheat flour, almond meal, vanilla, cinnamon, cacao and honey (you could...


This is delicious when fresh but after day one it will be best kept in the fridge up to 1 week or sliced and stored in the freezer up to 3 weeks. Toasting the loaf brings out the flavours.


Thank you mummma, Annie (@the_dailys) and a wonderful group of ladies I drank many cups of tea with over the Easter break for inspiring the cookie monster in me again. (Not sure if this is good thing long term, but I’ll roll with it for now). Meet PECAN CRUNCH COOKIES…these are a yummy combo of...

Lavender shortbread

Scrumptious served with a home made almond shortbread or in a tart, this orange curd with lavender really brings together the beauty of blossoms and citrus in a sun filled orchard! Make the cookies first – you’ll find the recipe for my ALMOND COOKIES here… Just remove the rosemary and chocolate from the ingredient list. ORANGE...

Easy delicious recipes for meal prep

Spending some time on Sunday getting sorted for the week is hugely advantageous and have faith that your weekday tired self will always thank you for your smart and savvy weekend self. This week’s recipes for meal prep include: SEED SNAPS …. grab the recipe here. NOURISHING GREENS SOUP … scrumptious warming recipe here. LEMON...

Weekend meal prep ideas and recipes

A super rare moment today doing some WEEKEND MEAL PREP!!! I used to meal prep a lot, but then babies, pregnancy, and just wanting to enjoy Sunday fam time has taken me away from it a little. However, when I do even just do some (this by no means is “some” either this is now...

Healthy easter recipes for an envious Easter Bunny

Happening!!!! The most scrumptious of all time Easter recipes I think I’ve created – EVER. 3 ABSOLUTE FLAVOUR BOMBS await you in the recipes below AND they’re Easter treats without a bucket of sugar to match – Carrot Chocolate aka Easter Bunny Cookies, Kombucha Berry Jam deeeeelicious and a great option for those who aren’t...