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  • Someone please deliver me the weekend? Had to work all
    5 days ago by brownpapernutrition Someone please deliver me the weekend? Had to work all of last weekend sooooooo this hump day feels pretty ready to be a Friday. QUICK TIP for your platter endeavours as the festive season aka most hectic time of year fast approaches... Dips are rad and obvs super easy but they'll look a bit more fun if you pop different ones together in a bowl and spread them about a little, then give them a sprinkle of something. The sprinkles are the best part! Dukkah, sesame seeds, some chopped nuts or herbs, sea salt, ground spices like paprika, coriander, turmeric,
  • SMILE because in every moment you can make a choice
    4 days ago by brownpapernutrition SMILE because in every moment you can make a choice to be happy. ALSO smile BECAUSE IT’S MANGO SEASON BABYYYYYYYYYY YEAAAAAAA - blissing out with my little bear  #mango 
  • All about the fruit in salads at the moment adds
    1 week ago by brownpapernutrition All about the fruit in salads at the moment, adds delishhhhh flavour plus quality carbohydrate sources, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre - all the good stuff! This is one of my fave chickpea salads made with the obvious ingredient - chickpeas - and crunchy sprouts, celery, herbs and a scrumptious tahini yoghurt dressing. Nuts would be my other favourite ingredient to add into salads to make them a bit more fancy schmancy and to up the quality of nutrition (in an already nutritious meal lol but why hold back?!?!) - WHAT'S YOURS? Ps. This salad keeps really well for a few
  • Ok so you see haloumi pop up a bit on
    7 days ago by brownpapernutrition Ok so you see haloumi pop up a bit on my page - it's freakin delicious - but no doubt a few of you are wondering if it's 'healthy'. Well healthy firstly isn't restriction and avoiding foods that make you happy, e.g. haloumi, healthy is enjoying good food moderately and mindfully. Haloumi isn't an everyday cheese though 1) we'd probs go broke 2) it's higher in sodium than other cheeses and whilst a moderate level of good quality salt is necessary for our body we don't need to exceed the RDI of sodium by eating salty cheese everyday 3) whilst
  • New catering menus to read  guaranteed to give you
    3 days ago by brownpapernutrition New catering menus to read - guaranteed to give you your daily dose of brassicas Cauliflower chickpea salad and a new Broccoli quinoa number added to the menu because love of broccoli! Enquiries - contactus @thebrownpaperbag


In the final video from our series with The Barre Project we’re getting stuck into those arms and back muscles! Focused movements, activating those small muscle groups that otherwise often are left by the wayside and usually the ones we want to target most! See full workout details below.



Move 1 – chest

A (push ups @ barre)

  • Grab the barre, walk back on a diagonal, come into a push up position, feet are hip width apart, lift your heels high off the ground, pull your abs in

B (series)

  • Elbows bend two counts press up two counts – 10x
  • Speed up the motion, bend and press – 10x
  • Hold low, isometric hold through the arms – 30 seconds

C (repeat)

  • Repeat this series 4 times, alternating palms wide and palms under shoulders

Move 2 – biceps

A (bicep curls with weights and a tube)

  • Feet hip width apart, 1 tube around each wrist, 1 weight in each hand, arms on slight diagonal, palms up, pull your abs in

B (series)

  • Bicep curl in and out – 10x
  • 1 pressout on the tube 1 tiny flex of the bicep – 10x
  • Press out in the tube – 10x

C (repeat)

  • Repeat this series 4 times, alternating palms up and in

Move 3 – shoulders/back

A (lunge, loop long tube)

  • Wrap a tube around the barre, walk back until there is tension in the tube, feet hip width apart, lunge back with R leg, come to the ball of the foot, bend both knees, pull your abs in

B (series)

  • Pull your elbows back by your sides, arms pull back hold 5-10 seconds, release for 1 second – 10x
  • Hold arms back, 1 squeeze upper back 1 bend in the knees – 10x
  • Squeeze the back as you bend your knees – 10x

C (repeat)

  • Repeat this series 4 times, 2x R 2x L leg

Move 4 – triceps

A (wide second, ball behind the back)

  • Feet are wider than hips, toes turned out slightly, bend knees in line with your hips, hinge forward at the waist with a flat back, place the ball behind back, arms straight, palms in, roll the shoulders back, pull the abs in

B (series)

  • Squeeze in on the ball – 10x
  • 1 squeeze 1 lift – 10x
  • squeezelift tempo – 10x

C (repeat)

  • Repeat this series 4 times
Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline Alwill, is an accredited nutritionist, author, founder of Brown Paper Nutrition and recently launched vegetarian meal delivery service Brown Paper Eats She is passionately committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and families. Jacqueline is mum to her 8 year old boy - Jet.

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