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  • Want fast nutritious lunches? Some important aspects to consider

    Please take a break from your desk It’s so vital to take a break from your desk throughout the day – even (and actually – ESPECIALLY) if you think this might momentarily break your focus. The reality is tha...

  • 5 nutrition tips for breastfeeding mums

    1. Drink 2.6L water daily, more if exercising. Herbal decaf tea counts but regular black tea and coffee don’t as they have diuretic effect. We need good hydration for healthy lactation. Mix things up – have spark...


  • Plant based iron rich Smoky Black Beans and Veg on toast

    A bit of ugly delicious, iron rich, #plantbased eating to start the week. Sautéed smoky black beans with spinach, tomato, spices and a sprouted bread (you can enjoy with sourdough/wholewheat bread or even on top of qu...

  • Cauliflower katsu

    CAULIFLOWER KATSU!!!!!! With a curry yoghurt and cucumber salad for some freshhhhh factor to compliment. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There are several variations of how to do a crumbed cauliflower ‘steak’ / &...


  • Bali, where we ate…

    Travels to Bali this time were different to previous trips as we now have two very little people in tow, so we made the most of lunches and super early dinners or ordering in. If you go and this is your family, download...

  • You won’t get results overnight…

    All too frequently I see people throw their health efforts away because things aren’t happening fast enough for what they want so “why bother?” Well, let me just drop this little reminder here, that when it comes t...