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  • Jet’s top 5 breakfast choices and other nutritious breakfasts for kids

    Fresh fruit or frozen berries with yoghurt – either coconut yoghurt by The Coco Tribe for a dairy free option or Jalna for our dairy based option – he loves the strawberry of both most. (PS Coco Tribe make E...

  • My weekly meal plan with recipes

    Haven’t shared a weekly meal plan for a while but given it’s something I do with our dinners on the weekend to get things sorted I thought I would share and also give a loose idea on the snacks and breakfasts...


  • Cauliflower quinoa salad with creamy tahini za’tar dressing

    A salad to see you through a few days of lunches, eat deliciously as is or teamed with extra protein of your choice (mine would be a white fish such as barramundi) to build the meal out further. As the days progress add ...

  • Flourless pear chocolate almond cake

    This Warming Pear Chocolate Almond Cake is a nourishing take on the more traditional fruity and chocolate cake recipes we know and love. I’ve swapped grain based flours for nutrient dense almonds and made the cake deli...


  • A month of many firsts with our baby

    It’s been a month of firsts for this little chook. 👶 First two teeth popping through #ouccchhhh def earlier than Jet, bebes so different!!!! First solid foods. Loooooves them. Avo followed by carrot are the h...

  • How to look after yourself when your life with kids is hectic

    A reminder to the mummas of the world… you can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself. I know this always sounds easier said than done, but I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t personally...


  • Packaged savoury snacks you’ll find in my kids lunchbox

    This week I’m taking you through the packaged savoury items I buy at the supermarket to help build Jet’s lunchbox. Whilst I cook a lot I don’t have time to cook everything and these items are quick and ...

  • How to make healthy coffee truffles

    A recipe for my coffee lovers out there!!!! Made with delish wholefood plant based ingredients and boosted with pea and brown rice protein from @eimele_australia Vanilla Shake too. You can roll or leave as a slice as y...