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Honey and Christmas Spice No Bake Granola bars

Completely obsessed by muesli and granola at the moment, sooooooo of course made total sense to create a scrumptious time saver no bake granola bar recipe hey?!?! I’ve incorporated lots of delicious whole grains, which you can more or less swap and change as it suits you, dried fruits which you can swap for nuts...


We haven’t been keeping up on the interwebs as much as we might like recently. There has been a huge project going on, more so behind the scenes, which is incredibly exciting and will be unveiled soon. In the meantime though, with autumn and mornings calling for the beautiful smell of cinnamon spice rolling out of...


Nothing like the aroma of spice floating its way throughout the house this time of year. Festive Spice Granola going to hit the spot for that one. Make some for the family and eat it straight away or package it up for Chrissy gifts. Gifts and food made with love are the best. FESTIVE SPICE GRANOLA ...


This is delicious when fresh but after day one it will be best kept in the fridge up to 1 week or sliced and stored in the freezer up to 3 weeks. Toasting the loaf brings out the flavours.


New week, fresh start, fresh batch…this week it’s a PECAN SPICE GRANOLA. I love a good crunchy granola but generally don’t sit down to eat a whole bowl full at a time. In saying that, this one is so tasty, I could eat the whole jar…back away Jacqueline, back awayyyyyy from the jar. So here’s...


Sunday is such a great time to get organised with meals for the week ahead. Granola is a fairly staple item in our pantry not only as a breakfast item but for my little boy, to be sprinkled on top of his yoghurt or popped into a carry about container for an on the go...

Easy delicious recipes for meal prep

Spending some time on Sunday getting sorted for the week is hugely advantageous and have faith that your weekday tired self will always thank you for your smart and savvy weekend self. This week’s recipes for meal prep include: SEED SNAPS …. grab the recipe here. NOURISHING GREENS SOUP … scrumptious warming recipe here. LEMON...

3 gut loving breakfast recipes to kick your day off well!

3 deliciously wholesome, gut loving breakfasts to kick your day off well. My fig and orange bircher, mega greens smoothie and seed granola with yoghurt and baked pear. Easily made in advance too so you’re not rushing through the morning forgetting about breakfast. I’ve incorporated a bunch of beautiful ingredients to support your energy throughout...