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Macadamia cauliflower schnitzel with pinenut ribbon salad

Been absolutely hangingggggg to share this recipe with you all and today seems the best day for it – GREAT pick me up to start the week! It’s an incredible plant based / vegetarian recipe that will guarantee to hit the spot for cravings of the good ole schnitty and super satisfaction for so many reasons but from an appetite regulation level I’d hand the satiety guarantee over to the presence of nuts in this recipe.

I’ve used macadamias for the cauli schnitzel crumb (with quinoa flakes and a few other whole food ingredients) and then made the yummo ribbon salad with a combo of almonds and pinenuts.

Did you know… recent studies have shown (1) most Australian’s don’t consume nearly the recommended daily intake of nuts (30g) to support their health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as CVD, type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome.

Australians are only consuming about 5.2g nuts per day versus the 30g recommendation (a small handful) despite nut consumption being associated with significantly greater intake of fibre, vitamin E, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus.

SO what can you do about your nut consumption? Well, grabbing a few bags of nuts and having them in the pantry is a start! Then ensuring that when you’re thinking of how to prep snacks for the week allocating a handful of mixed nuts (almond, brazil, cashew, macadamia, pine nut etc) for snacks is a go to – even portion them out in little jars ready to grab and go.

Try thinking outside the square when it comes to cooking too – so using nuts in a crumb as I do in this recipe and throwing them into salads to add some crunch, flavour and nutrition, use in baked goods and treats, into smoothies and porridge.

They are nature’s superfood and have always been so, now is the time to make sure they’re supercharging your diet and health too.


Serves 4

Gluten free (opt) : Dairy free : Vegetarian

1 large head cauliflower, slice into 2cm thick steaks or cauliflower nuggets (florets)

1 cup gluten free or spelt flour 

2-3 large free range eggs

3/4 cup (120g) macadamia nuts, finely chopped

3/4 cup (75g) quinoa flakes

Extra virgin olive oil for frying

sea salt and black pepper


Pine nut ribbon salad:

2 carrots, peeled and trimmed

2 zucchini, trimmed

2 tablespoons pinenuts

2 tablespoons roughly chopped almonds

1 green apple, cored and cut into thin sticks

1 1/2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

3 tablespoons finely chopped mint

2 tablespoons finely chopped dill

TO MAKE THE SCHNITZEL: Place gluten free or spelt flour on one plate, crack eggs onto a separate plate and whisk and on your third plate combine finely chopped macadamia nuts and quinoa flakes. Pat the cauliflower dry after rinsing then coat well in flour, followed by a good coating of egg and finally the macadamia quinoa crumb. Set aside and repeat with remaining cauliflower. Heat a frypan on medium heat, and add a few tablespoons extra virgin olive oil to the pan. Cook cauliflower 6 minutes each side or until lovely and golden on each side, keeping cooked pieces warm in a low oven in between.

TO MAKE THE SALAD: Whilst cauliflower is cooking make the ribbon salad. Use your vegetable peeled to create ribbons with the vegetables. Toast the pine nuts and almonds until golden. Whisk together oil and vinegar and toss with vegetable ribbons, toasted pine nuts and almonds and fresh herbs. Serve salad with macadamia cauliflower schnitzel.

Jacqueline Alwill

Jacqueline is an Accredited Nutritional Medicine Practitioner specialising in family and early childhood nutrition and gut health. She writes for several media publications, hosts a regular nutrition segment on Channel 7 and in 2016 published her first book, "Seasons to Share" (Murdoch Books). Jacqueline is passionate about working with corporations and brands to support and educate their community and audience and is currently a media spokesperson and ambassador for Remedy Drinks, Eimele Australia, Woolworths, Kitchenaid and Nutrition Director at Bondi Bubs Wholefoods. She is mum to Jet and outside her working hours you'll find her with her family in the surf, on the beach, or out and about in nature.

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